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    Changing change
    - less mandate, more pirate

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    From growth to value
    - long-term focus on developing
    shared resources

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    Active participation in modern citizenship
    - creates healthy processes

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    Learning is wise
    - and provides the basis
    for sustainable change

Basic Training

State Department

Business Development and Competence Clarification

Open Society Foundation DOTS Latvia

Business Models in the Theater Industry

Theater Rio Rose

Change Management

Danish Energy Company

Collection: Large Scale Change Processes

Spark Process inhouse

Danmarks Råstof – Tender Documents Published

Ministry of Environment

Democratic facilitation

Danish Social-Liberal Party

Denmark Without Waste

Ministry of Environment

Design and Facilitation of Dialogue Processes

Ministry of Environment

Design of Education Program

The Danish Authority of Prosecution

Development of Business Models

Nørrebro Theater

Development of Politics


Digital Capacity Building

University College Sealand

Digital Management

Ministry of Environment

Effect-Driven Learning Design

Breve Danmark

Estonian People Meeting inspired by the Danish

The Estonian People Meeting

Fusion and Strategy Development

Agency for Culture and Palaces

High Impact Training

DONG Energy S&D HR

Intercultural and Virtual Competences

International Oil and Gas Company

Lean and Operations Optimization

Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

Lolland 2030 – Lolland in Balance

Municipality of Lolland

Operations Management

Life in Denmark - Municipality of Copenhagen

Portfolio Management

Agency for Culture and Palaces

Roskilde Rising – Youth with Purpose

Roskilde Festival

Talent Academy

Fritz Schur Consumer Group

Talent Development

Ermenogildo Zegna

Think tank process about the outline areas

Municipality of Hjørring

User Profiles

Life in Denmark - Municipality of Copenhagen, Bispebjerg

Value Creation in the Danish Welfare State

Danish Association of Psychologists

Value Propositions and Business Models

Municipality in Denmark