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    Changing change
    - less mandate, more pirate

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    From growth to value
    - long-term focus on developing
    shared resources

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    Active participation in modern citizenship
    - creates healthy processes

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    Learning is wise
    - and provides the basis
    for sustainable change

Optimistic change agents – that design and drive sustainable changes

We are a consulting firm for the future. Our organizational spirit has a deeply rooted social awareness and our professionalism inspires and mobilizes large groups of people.

The future of consulting is normative. We take responsibility in society, we take stands and we rethink organizations, solutions and value propositions within a sustainable perspective. In other words, Spark is a fourth-sector company driven by a spectrum of values spanning the public, private and social business sectors.

The small big company

Organizationally, we are a small big company. Our team has clear values, yet different and complementary competencies and methods. This enables us to navigate freely in a wide range of areas and combine the best of the many worlds we encounter.

We trust in people’s generosity and compassion. And we never shy from the opportunity to serve as a laboratory for innovative practice. Spark is about more than being good at change. We also want to create good change.

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Receive info about upcoming events and learning processes

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