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    Changing change
    - less mandate, more pirate

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    From growth to value
    - long-term focus on developing
    shared resources

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    Active participation in modern citizenship
    - creates healthy processes

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    Learning is wise
    - and provides the basis
    for sustainable change

Change that matters activates four dimensions

Our mission is Change that matters. Spark’s change model is designed accordingly, and focuses on activating at least four dimensions.

Ambition & scale

Ambition and scale
  • New models – solutions that invest intelligently in system changes.
  • Flexibility – solutions that can be applied in other contexts or on other systemic levels.
  • Extended change flow – a prerequisite for long-term and ambitious thinking.

Involvement & responsibility

involvement and responsibility
  • Learning – activating all available resources and learning from mistakes.
  • Responsibility – conscious involvement and co-creation with those whose lives are touched by the change.
  • Change resilience – focus on expectations and open-mindedness.

Care & Recycling

Care and recycling
  • Sustainability – skilled and careful use of people, nature and relations.
  • Value creation – business models and systems focused on value before growth.
  • Sharing – reusing, sharing and conveying the things that work.

Less mandate – more pirate

Less mandate, more pirate
  • Taking a stand – not always waiting for permission.
  • Agility – organic processes that evolve with change.
  • Creative activism and mobilization – building authority in networks, coalitions and change through others.

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Receive info about upcoming events and learning processes

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