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    Changing change
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    From growth to value
    - long-term focus on developing
    shared resources

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    Active participation in modern citizenship
    - creates healthy processes

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    Learning is wise
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    for sustainable change

A solid toolbox - because change requires skilled craftsmanship

Process frilagt gjort mindre
In every change process, the work will always build on the use of concrete tools or focusing on specific processes. The following areas outline a range of the tasks we typically perform in cooperation with our clients:

Change management

  • Design and facilitation of change processes – from A to Z.
  • Communication and visualization of changes
  • Training of those driving the change, e.g. change leaders, facilitators, advisors, consultants and trainers

Design and facilitation

  • Design and facilitation of all types of processes (also virtual), workshops and meetings
  • Development and consulting on process plans and playbooks for processes facilitated by the organizations themselves
  • Facilitation and consultant training

Strategy & business models

  • Design and operation of participatory and value-creating strategy processes
  • Development of sustainable business models to establish an understanding of customer perspectives, identify customer needs, develop value propositions that match customer needs, etc.
  • Development of new company forms, including assessment based on the B Corporation model
  • Training in business model development

Organizational development

  • Development of organizational structures with new roles, responsibilities and value propositions, e.g. in connection with organizational changes and merger processes
  • Development of management models to support the desired strategic course and culture
  • Identification and development of organizational potential
  • Development of management groups capable of ensuring effective and well-functioning teams


  • Development of competence strategy and strategic competence profiles
  • Development and implementation of modern learning cultures and platforms
  • Development of organizations’ learning environments and management capacity
  • Realization of impactful and modern learning processes, including trainer teams, playbooks and training materials
  • Training of trainers, mentors and managers to support new learning processes

Project management

  • Development and organization of project and portfolio management from beginning to end
  • Benefits realization in connection with projects
  • Training in project management

Digitilization and virtuality

  • Development of digital management competence and behavior
  • Development of new, virtual and digital spaces and methods for interaction and learning, including sharing of learning


  • Development of value proposition and business models for staff functions such as HR
  • Development of HR strategies
  • Development and implementation of personnel policies

Operations management

  • Definition of tasks, organization of everyday management formats, such as bulletin boards, and training in the implementation of effective and meaningful task management in teams

See Cases for specific examples.



Receive info about upcoming events and learning processes

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